Friday, June 12, 2009

Culinary tidbits

Recently I have seen certain ingredients called for in recipes , which I havn't used before or don't know how to use , so I did a bit of research today (google , I mean ) and here they are :
Lemon Zest : Many cake/bake recipes call for this and I have looked for it in the supermarket aisles but didnt find it..I wasnt sure it meant as simple as what it sounded..but yet it does..
It is just peeled off yellow skin of a lemon ! And it adds delicious aroma to anything its added to..Im going to try out a lemon-poppyseed cake very soon with this tidbit ! I recently discovered it at our local caribou and Im dreaming about did I go all my life without it !!!
Applesauce : Ignorant me never knew that applesauce is used as butter/oil substitute in baking  ! Here's the explanation .. I am always on lookout for low-fat cooking and Im afraid that with my newfound baking efforts I might have been slacking on this..but just last week I made a banana bread with applesauce in the recipe and it turned out pretty fine...this is a staple in my pantry from this day on !
How to make lemon glaze :The above banana bread, though great in consistency etc fell a bit short on sweetness...I thought I would coat it with the lemon glaze I had heard about fleetingly and checked a few recipes and found one which could be heated up in microwave. My impatient self heated it just for 30 seconds and poured it out ;) .. a failure..
Next time I shall try the traditional way of slow heating this ...and buy some confectionars sugar..does it means Im a confectionar now ;)
Any culinary tidbits to share ?

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