Monday, September 21, 2009

Theme of the month...

Theme of the month seems to be tardiness :( .. not intentional..but I just don't know where the time is flying .. Summer is over already ?? September is more than half gone too ?? Did I skip some days or weeks in between a-la time-traveller's-wife ?

Neway,last couple of months I've been part of this wonderful group which combines my love for books and food together - This book makes me cook , but for some reason or the other I have not able to contribute to it.. Last month, they announced reading 'Pomegranate soup' , which I promptly ordered from my library, got it and read in an easy read - very light but heart warming book about 3 sisters all the way from Iran to Europe on their culinary journey...and all other filmy elements within - like the necessary villain, a beautifully vague hero , a cause-bearer...but all in good fun..

I also managed to make this simple but delicious soup from the recipe in the book, but never got around to posting without further ado:

This is a simple soup made of olive-oil fried onions cooked with red masoor daal for about an hour or so with simple think Ive forgotten them ? Actually I have .. maybe I will get the book back and check and update..maybe not..but the soup was good! I havnt forgotten that :D


  1. Hey, welcome to the book club. Its never too late to write a review. I also made the red lentil soup but did not use the huge amount of onions the recipe has. Did you know we are reading Eat Cake for this month and the Hindi Bindi club for the next?

  2. Hey,
    First time @ your blog !
    Liked it as the blog seems more than recipe blog!
    Also loved the idea of cook while you read !
    Will visit often here :)

  3. Hey Dips, sounds like a delicious lentils are a big hit around here.