Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An award and biscuit cake...

My fellow traveller on this journey, Jaya from Jayaspace nominated me for this award and Im over-joyed and happy to receive my first blogger award !! Thanks a lot Jaya !!
Of-course, it comes with conditions.. namely, listing 7 interesting things about me which is not as simple as it sounds... but here goes ..
  • I went to Medical college for 15 days and left it and joined engineering..I do wonder what my life would've been if I had continued ..
  • I have learnt to 'Never say never' cos we never know where our life will take us and what you will evolve into..for example, I never thought that I would own and love a dog...
  • There was a time in my life when I used to read 2 novels a day..those 350 or so pages ones..
  • I don't suffer fools gladly
  • I really dislike people who give less thought to having a child than buying a car ...
  • I ran my first 5k last november, I trained myself for it , and before that I used to hate gyms
  • This from DH - Im a liberal , eco-conservative activist/feminist
I dont know how interesting the above set of random facts is for anyone, but atleast I tried and also in spirit of kreativity - this childhood favorite recreated :

Biscuit cake :
1 pkt Glucose biscuits from Indian store
1 chocolate butter frosting
Indian style - Mix fresh made butter, cocoa powder and refined sugar to make icing consistency.
Current version - Heat 50g semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler till it melts then let cool. Add 1/2 stick room-temperature butter bi-by-bit and blend in.

Layer each biscuit's smooth surface with the chocolate buttercream and place above the other. Form a layered stack and apply buttercream on the sides. Let freeze. Cut diagonally to enjoy the crispy chocolate-y goodness !

I also get to share this award, and I am passing on this award to :
1. She has got so many awards already but she is 'kreative with a K' and I pass on this award humbly to Lolo @ Vegan YumYum

Ohh...its so tough to pass on the every other food blogger I know already has the award or are way beyond that ..i think I was the last one to join the band-wagon...:( I think I will have to share this on the go...sorry guys ! Though , if anyone thinks of some blogger please let me know and I shall be ever thankful !!


  1. I too used to burn the midnight oil trying to finish off my novel the same day. I still do it sometimes. And I totally agree with you on people having a child without a thought or thinking of all the pros and cons.
    Congs on the 5k. Maybe I'll do it someday too. :)
    Tushar calls me a tree-huger!
    Love the simplicity of the biscuit cake though must say never heard of it. Is it your family recipe?

  2. yeah...exactly the word that DH was looking for (Tree-hugger) :)
    I was trying to remember about the recipe and it was something found/discovered one summer when I was a is very simple but delectable..I googled a bit and found couple of other versions of the 'biscuit cake' but not this one...

  3. I too used to read 2 novels in a day and my dad used to get pissed off :) theose bisuit goodies look delicious and so simple, congratulations on your award dear, wish u many more!