Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday night, a pie and a cobbler

Last friday , DH was out of town nd two girls decided to make it a galz night out with a movie and lot of chatting...
Till my sweet friend wrapped up her great tasks for the next day and joined me , I whipped up - literally whipped up these 2 dishes that I've been meaning to try out since long :

2 years back on my birthday we had been to this beautifully artsy town Asheville (which reminds me of Edinburgh for some reason) and tried this place someone had recommended, which was good but with very few vegetarian choices . The gentleman server there got this tomato pie for me , which introduced me to this delicious concept of savory-pies.. Fast forward to a few days back when I saw this recipe @ and I book-marked it for an appropriate occasion ..and what better occasion then this for a hearty , warm , cuddly there you go..
I followed the recipe to the pat , except a few minor adjustments :
> adding some ajwain in the pie crust , which gave a nice flavor
> skipping the mayo,
> make do with swiss cheese , thats all I had

and it turned out great!
I had some trouble rolling out the pie , but I rolled it around in some flour and it was good to go..the pie was flaky and biscuity on the outside and warm and spice on the inside ..I should be so proud of my pie-making skills ;)

I have also wanted to try this thing I keep seeing around, called cobbler , and I had some peaches handy too and a quick google search revealed this great recipe for an Easy Peach cobbler..and indeed..easy it was..
In case you didn't know (I didn't) - a cobbler is usually a dessert consisting of a fruit filling poured into a large baking dish over a batter that rises through when baking..
So thats what I did..Prepared my fruit, ie peach and can you believe this is the first time Ive tried this great tip and it works like a charm :
Note: you can dunk the peaches in boiling water for 45 seconds, then into ice water, and the skins will usually slide right off.
I have so much to learn yet ..
Next , I prepared a basic batter with 1 cup APF, 1 cup sugar (3/4 next time), 1 tbsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and milk to mix.
In a wide baking dish melt about 2-3 tablespoon of butter and pour the batter into it. Without mixing, arrange the peach slices/pieces evenly on the top.
Now bake for abt 35-40 mins @ 350 degrees. The batter will rise up to cover the peach slices . The end result is this heavenly crust with gooey sweet and sourness of peach embedded within..It will go very well with some ice-cream too ..

Taken just before this last piece was devoured by the trio of DH, my loyal-fan Dora and moi..


  1. I have been wanting to try the Cobbler...urs looks really tempting, motivates me to try soon. thanks for sharing.

  2. Both dishes look lovely, i like the savory version more..

  3. Great job Dips. Both the cobbler and the pie look delicious. I have never baked a pie before, especially a savory one. Will give yours a try next time. The cobbler looks so good. I haven't made one in ages. :) We usually eat it with some ice cream on top.

  4. Hi Dips, we took a trip through the south a couple of years ago, and stopped in Asheville because we'd heard so much about it. It really is pretty, although I regretted blowing up a fortune on visiting the Biltmore estate-- just one rich room after the other can get tiresome after a while, if you know what I mean :)

  5. I absolutely know what you mean Vaishali ..unfortunately thats the closest scenic place to us and we have been there 3 times by now...but we manage to avoid the main villa..we do enjoy the estate and restaurents over there...and the Tulip festival there in spring IS amazing..
    I like the downtown Asheville though...its an eclectic laid-back place..

  6. I love cobblers! the pie looks fantastic too.


  7. Different from the usual pie. Great work.