Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day well spent...

A mid-week holiday brings in lot of joy but also endless possibilities on what can and should be accomplished..The 'Veterans Day' holiday this mid-week had one thing on top of my list though..make 'Sushi' , for DaringCooks!!

The November 2009 Daring Cooks challenge was brought to you by Audax of Audax Artifex and Rose of The Bite Me Kitchen. They chose sushi as the challenge.

Sushi (寿司 or 鮨 or 鮓) is much appreciated for its delicate taste and exquisite appearance. Sushi actually means vinegar-ed rice, which is the essential ingredient in every sushi recipe. Sushi is simple and cheap to make at home, needs no special equipment and is an excellent way to use left overs. Although sushi in various forms has been around for fourteen centuries, the modern version was invented in Japan in the 1800’s where a 'hand-formed' sliced fresh fish and vinegared rice ball was eaten as a snack food. Nowadays, sushi is made with various seafood, meats and vegetables, raw and cooked.

The challenge is in four parts:-

Part 1: Making proper sushi rice – you will wash, rinse, drain, soak, cook, dress, and cool short grain rice until each grain is sticky enough to hold toppings or bind ingredients. Then you will use the cooked rice to form three types of sushi:

Part 2: Dragon /Caterpillar sushi roll – an avocado covered inside-out rice roll with a tasty surprise filling.

Excellent videos on making Dragon Rolls

>> Fillings : cucumber + carrots + avocado

Part 3: Decorative sushi – a nori-coated rice roll which reveals a decorative pattern when cut
>> Fillings : avocado, green beans, asparagus

Part 4: Nigiri sushi – hand-shaped rice rolls with toppings

>> Toppings : Sweet potato, pineapple, asparagus.
God know what I was thinking , but when adding that wasabi strip/spot for the topping I went a bit overboard and boy, it hit me!! real bad !! all the way from my nose to my head and spreading through my ears!! I could not have it again..though DH did..and though he was shaking like 'Kramer' he finished all of them :)

Also, any other suggestions for sushi rice, Ive got half the packet left..


  1. Sweet potato, pineapple, asparagus nigiri that sounds perfect (I love pineapple)and your dragon roll is so so so cute. Well done and your rice is spot-on which is the most important element in the challenge. Cheers from Audax in Australia.

  2. Fabulous flavours! I love sweet potato - such a great idea! All of your sushi looks fantastic =D.

  3. Cute sushi!
    That pineapple looks good.
    Wasabi is powerful stuff - huh?
    It's like the opposite of a brain freeze!
    A fiery nasal attack! :)

  4. i just love your nigiri. I will have to try the pineapple it looks delicious.

  5. Yummm. I'm with Lauren, sweet potato is such a brilliant addition. So flavorful and delicious! And your dragon roll looks so cute! Awesome job!

  6. Beautiful job -- your dragon looks like it's sticking out its (asparagus) tongue! Too cute!

  7. Wow the dragon roll looks great! Nice looking sushi :)

  8. I love your caterpillar sushi.

    As for the rice, try a sushi bowl. I once made it with the recipe off 101cookbooks and it was amazing.