Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SnS makes Snow-flecked brownies, but I do not..

I had a good streak going on with Sweet and Simple Bakes .. 4 back-to-back and I did intend to continue with that.. given the enticing prospect this time around..I mean who can resist sweet and gooey chocolate brownies ?? Turns out I can.. not for the lack of chocolate though.. which I bought at every turn last week, having the brownies in mind.. but I just couldn't find a good egg-less recipe and at last moment I backed out... Though all my fellow-bakers over at SnS did turn an amazing batch of brownies all around.. they all look yummy !!

Not that Im just going to talk about what I did not do.. I actually made something which I've been meaning to make since ages... Since maybe I heard this esoteric term 'gnocchi' .. I visualized something rustic , charming and very much like a comfort food.. and indeed it is.. and quite simple to make, once you get the hang of it..

My Sweet potato gnocchi was inspired by Cathy at Not Eating Out In NewYork but without the arugula and hazelnut, so here is the recipe with my variations:
2 sweet potatoes, steamed till tender but firm
About 1 cup AP flour
Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste
EVOO 2 tbsp
Grate the sweet potatoes with a grater, don't mash. Add half the flour and mix in. Add the seasonings and flour until a firm dough forms. See the process for forming the gnocchi in Cathy's post , she has explained it beautifully. Once the gnocchi is cooked, saute it with some EVOO , sage leaves and any handy nuts.
There was this subtle scent of nutmeg which I loved but the sauce needed some pep so I added some store-made pesto and it was amazing, more so the next day !


  1. hmmm, have never tried a gnochhi yet, u make them look simple to make.

  2. Love gnocchi and love it with sweet potatoes. Looks delicious, Dips.

  3. I havent yet got enough courage to try gnocchi..i know i have to try it soon :-)

  4. Hi Dips ..
    hopped in here from Jaya's blog , you have a wonderful blog dear !!
    i have tried potato gnochhi n love them , these sweet potato ones sound great n they look quite succulent n light...with nuts they must have been yummy..