Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday evening healthy cooking..

As Friday evening approaches our household , all the healthy eating of the week seem to fly out of the windows..the chips..the dips :)
Im trying to find a healthy balance here and so I thought I would make a nice hearty soup for the evening...upon raiding my pantry I found some green split peas lying since a while..I have no idea what to make of it...and then I remembered that I was browsing through Fatfree Vegan Kitchen and found this split-pea soup recipe and I got a nice , thick, healthy soup for my friday evening !
And thats my entry for the Tried and Tasted hosted at Holy Cow ! ..
I also want to mention that Im a big follower of Susan's blog , its on my feeds and I love her recipes and photographs..I look forward to doing some more trial from her blog :)

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  1. Hi Dipali, wonderful soup... Thanks for participating T&T event. I hope you ll get a chance to come up with something delish for T&T Jue as well, the Blog of The Month is Meena of Hooked on Heat :-)